DSIproc is a MALTAB toolbox designed to refine the covariance matrix for SAR stack and to control the qualities of reflectivity, interferometric phase and coherence images without loss of resolution. It is a basis of multi-temporal DS interferometry technique and based on statistically homogeneous pixel selection algorithms. The toolbox is supported for both Linux and windows platforms and can be download freely from the link below.

SHPS-InSAR Toolbox is distributed under a GNU-GPL license.

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The manual: SHPS-DSI Toolbox 1.0  China | International

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5 thoughts on “Software”

  1. All comments, remarks, suggestions or questions about the SHPS-DSI toolbox are welcome. We need your contributions to make it better! Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  2. 蒋弥老师您好,
    我不太清楚其中的mli_ave.ras是什么文件,如何生成的?因为我自己用的数据是sentinel1A GRD生成的强度图,并用snap软件配准,再转为二进制文件的。

  3. 蒋老师,您好!我对您团队开发的这款软件很感兴趣,从您发表的文章来看,效果很好。我已经下载了您的这个软件,但是在解压时需要解压密码,我还没有收到相关邮件,您方便把这个解压密码通过邮件发给我一下吗?谢谢蒋老师。

  4. Dear Dr Jiang

    Thank you for providing your tool for the scientific community. I am Kamel hasni a researcher in the SAR field at the Algerian Centre of Space Techniques. I’ve tried to download your software, but I couldn’t find the link on this page., I am a little bit confused about how to get it.


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